Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fate is Not Logical

Nasreddin was walking home relaxedly through the street in his neighbourhood. The street was very narrow and the houses were very close to it. When he walked in front of a shabby house, suddenly a man fell from the roof onto him. The man was fixing the roof of his house.

The man did not injure himself even a bruise. On the other hand, Nasreddin broke his neck. Therefore, he should be hospitalised.

When he was in the hospital, most of his friend visited him. One of them asked him, "Nasreddin, what lesson can you take from the accident?"

"Nothing but one, don't believe to the saying that fate is always logical."

"How can you conclude that lesson?" asked his friend further.

"The man fell down from the roof. If the fate was logical he would have broken his neck or injured himself. But the reality was he fell from the roof, I broke my neck," Said Nasreddin.

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