Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Deskripsi Kota-kota (Cities) yang Dilewati dalam Puzzle Express ~ Seri Puzzle Express Part 2

Berikut ini deskripsi (versi game-nya) kota-kota yang udah saya lewati (saya bahkan niat banget nyatet deskripsi setiap ganti dan lanjut ke kota yang baru) dalam scenic mode (sorry nginggris, yg penting saya udah berbaik hati buat ngetik ulang nih description, hehe) game Puzzle Express:

1. Jefferson City, Missouri
Jefferson City is located on the Scenic Missouri River near The Geographic Center of The State and was named after the third President of The United States, Thomas Jefferson.

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Myrtle Beach is named for its abundance of Myrtle trees and is the center of a 60-mile string of beaches known as the 'Grand Strand'. In addition to the beach also offers visitors and almost unparalleled variety of live music and theatrical entertainment. Myrtle Beach has made South Carolina Second only to Florida as a vacation destination.

3. Carson City, Nevada
A short distance from Lake Tahoe, Carson City is a town of natural beauty, charm, history, and western hospitality. Carson City was named after the legendary trapper, Scout and explorer Kit Carson, and is full of historic landmarks, cultural heritage centers and museums that give visitors a taste of the old west.

4. San Fransisco
Considered one of most cosmopolitan cities in the world. San Fransisco offers unparalleled shoping and dining. The largest collection of modern art on the west coast and one of the most famous bridges in history.

5. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Pittsburg sits in the hills of South Western Pennsylvania where the Allegheny and monongahela rivers meet to form the Ohio River. Once a steel & iron making industrial powerhouse, Pittsburg has since undergone a dramatic transformation into a pleasing blend of turn-of-the-century architecture & modern skyscrapers & it consistently ranks among the nation's most livable cities.

6. Phoenix, Arizona
Surrounded by the stunning landscape of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix offers 325 days of annual sunshine which visitors can use to experience a variety of recreational activities including hiking, biking, and golf. Phoenix is home to more than 200 golf courses earning it the title of 'golf capital of the world'.

7. Indianapolis
Though it's best known for the world famous indy 500, Indianapolis also provides the perfect balance of big-city style and heartland hospitality. Referred to as the 'Crossroads of America', Indianapolis has more interstate highways bisecting it than any other city in the country. Half of the population of the United States lives within a day's drive making it an increasingly popular destination.

8. Des Moines (Iowa)
Established as military garrison at the fork of the Des Moines & Racoon Rivers. Des Moines become the Capital of Iowa in 1857. Des Moines is a hub of government action, bussiness activity, and arts & cultural affairs. The City also offers affordable housing one of the nation's shortest average commute times, and an increasingly diverse population.

(To be continued)

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