Saturday, April 30, 2011


Nasreddin heard news that the richest man in town would give charity to all poor people there. Nasreddin wanted to come there soon but he also had to finish his job at home. So, first he did his job quickly and then ran to the rich man's house.

When he arrived there, there was no people outside the house. He thought he was late. He looked at the house from a distance. Because he saw the rich man through the window, he knocked at the door.

A moment later, the servant came up and said, "Sorry, sir. My master is out now."

Nasreddin was very disappointed. He knew that the rich man had lied to him. He wanted to get angry but there was no reason for him.

He said to the servant, "That's all right. Although he could not give me any charity, I will give him advice. Tell him later, if he wants to go out, he should not leave his face on the window otherwise somebody will steal it."

Taken From: Nasreddin, The Wise Man.

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