Saturday, April 30, 2011

At School...

When Nasreddin was young he worked as a language teacher at an elementary school. One day he was teaching literature to his students. He was standing in front of the class and demonstrating how to read a poem. He recited this poem:

"Oh, my dear Lord,
Every part of my soul and body
overwhelmed by your spirit
All before me
looks like You always"

Suddenly, his naughtiest student asked him, "What do you think if therem is a fool before you?"

Paying no attention, he continued his poem: "Just looks like you!"

And the rest of his students laughed at the naughty student. The naughty student's face was blushing. Then Nasreddin analysed the poem. afterward Nasreddin gave them a poem about a troop that invaded another country.

The naughty student wanted to make fun of Nasreddin by asking another difficult question.

He asked, "Which one is the greatest achievement, a person who can invade another country but he doesnt do it, or a person that actually can invade another country but he doesnt do it, or a person that prevents other persons from doing so?"

Nasreddin answered, "I dont know it for sure. But I know a duty that is much more difficult than your question."

"What's that?" asked his students.

"Teaching you to be able to respect an old man," said Nasreddin.

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