Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nasreddin and the king...

Nasreddin was well-known for his intelligence and wisdom. The king invited him to join his hunting to the forest nearby. The forest was not very far from the palace but the king and his guards had to take a winding road along the beach before coming to the forest.

When the group was taking a rest at the beach, the king washed his hands and face with the sea water. He tasted the salty sea water.

Then he asked Nasreddin, "Nasreddin, can you explain why the sea water is salty?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. Sea water does never move. It's always in its place. It doesnt go anywhere. Unfortunately, man has a bad tendency to throw his garbage to the sea. To prevent the water from smelling bad, our forefathers put much salt in it. that is the reason why it is salty now," Nasreddin explained.

The king was very satisfied with the answer. Then the group continued to the journey. about 100 metres before the forest, the king saw the wreckage of a house. The roof was scattered everywhere. The wall was broken and fell down. On the broken wall there was an owl building its nest. The owl was growling.

The king asked, "Nasreddin, what is the owl saying to me?"

Nasreddin answered carefully, "He says that if Your Majesty does not stop torturing the people with the high tax, this kingdom will fall down just like the wall."

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