Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cities in Puzzle Express (Lanjutan Deskripsinya) ~ Seri Puzzle Express Part 5

Deskripsinya berlanjut ke: Oklahoma, Lincoln, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Dallas, and San Antonio. yuuukzz marreeee... ^^

25. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City was settled by a historic land run, and since then the city has embraced the attitude that all things are possible if people are willing to take a chance. Oklahoma City is a rapidly growing metropolis that posesses big-city diversity and modern sensibilities while maintaining its shouthern frontier charm.

26. Lincoln, Nebraska
Lincoln is the capitol of Nebraska and is currently one of the fastest growing non-SunBelt cities in the United States as well as one of the fastest growing metro areas in the midwest. Citizens and visitors alike can enjoy nationally-ranked sporting events, worlds famous performing arts, and a variety of cultural activities.

27. Los Angeles, California
The Ciudad de Los Angeles, or 'City of Angels', became the city of Los Angeles on April 4, 1850. Enjoying nearly year-round sunshine. L.A. is considered the capital of movie making and is world-famous for its glamour, fun, and cultural innovation. A variety of musical and theatrical entertainment, hundreds of restaurants, miles of beaches and theme parks such as Disneyland make Los Angeles a destination for millions of visitory every year.

28. Albuquerque, New Mexico
Albuquerque provides a diverse blend of multi-culturalizm. Natural beauty, historic attractions, a spectacular climate, and a unique variety of museums, galleries and shopping. The Albuquerque International balloon Fiesta is the world's largest and most photographed hot air balloon event.

29. Dallas, texas
Visitors to the city that has come to symbolize the American West, are greeted with a hearty helping of Texas hospitality and variety of activities including museums, amusement parks, gardens, and historic sites. The Dallas Arts district located on north side of downtown, is the largest urban district in the united states.

30. San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio, located on the San Antonio River, has retained its sense of southwestern history and tradition while growing into the ninth largest city in the United States. San Antonio is the home of the world famous Alamo where 189 defenders held the old mission against over 4000 Mexican troops for 13 days.

okay,,,,udah 30 cities di Puzzle Express yg udah dideskripsikan, buat nambah2 info lumayan kan readers???? hehehe :D

Berikut ini high score list, utk scenic ada yg udah nyampe level/stage 32 nih saya (ini high score yang di lappy Sony Vaio) ^^

Truz ini high score yang di lappy toshiba:

Truz high score list untuk express:

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