Friday, July 1, 2011

Writing a Love Letter

Ali was one of Nasreddin's neighbours. When he was a child he did not learn to read or write. When he was an adult, of course, he was illiterate.

One night he wanted to send a letter to his wife who lived far away from the place. The news was so urgent that he decided to write it right away. Then he went to Nasreddin's house.

It was almost midnight when Ali Knocked at the door. Nasreddin was lying on the bed, ready to sleep. At last Nasreddin opened the door.

"It's late at night. What's the matter?" asked he.
"I need your help badly, Nasreddin." Said Ali.

Nasreddin answered, "You want to borrow some money? I don't have much either."

"No, Nasreddin, I need your help to write a letter for me. I will send it to my wife. I have something very important to tell her. Please, help me Nasreddin," Said he.

At first Nasreddin refused to help him. But ali insisted him on writing the letter. Finally Nasreddin gave up.

"How far is the place from here?" asked he.

"Does it make any difference? whether the distance is near or far, the letter will arrive there," answered Ali.

"That's very different, Ali. My handwriting is very strange to other people. It's only my wife and I that can read it. So, later I have to go to your wife's house and read the letter for her. Therefore, if the place is very far, you should pay me a lot of money to travel there," Nasreddin explained.

Hearing the explanation, Ali looked disappointed and angry. He left Nasreddin without saying any words. nasreddin was smiling, seeing him got out from the house.

Taken from: The Humorous Stories of Nasreddin

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